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First Atlantis resort in China set open in Sanya

First Atlantis resort in China set open in Sanya

Atlantis Sanya, the first Atlantis resort in China, will fully open to the public on April 28, 2018. The grand opening of this ocean-themed integrated entertainment destination will coincide with the festivities of Hainan Province Special Economic Zone 30th Anniversary.

Located on the Haitang Bay National Coast in Hainan province, Atlantis Sanya joins the flagship resort Atlantis, The Palm in Dubai, as well as The Royal Atlantis Resort & Residences in Dubai and Atlantis, Ko Olina in Hawaii, both under construction. The Atlantis brand is known for unique, ocean-themed destinations offering a wide variety of entertainment experiences and Atlantis Sanya is no exception, offering guests a wide variety of facilities and larger-than-life experiences, from revolutionary waterplay in Aquaventure, and exotic marine exhibits in The Lost Chambers Aquarium. The resort’s 1,314 guestrooms and 154 suites offer stunning views of the sea and underwater life.

Hainan Island is one of China’s top holiday destinations. The arrival of Atlantis Sanya will redefine and further elevate Hainan’s tourism industry as the top choice for local and international travellers. The resort is set to become the modern icon of Sanya tourism, cementing Sanya’s position as the pinnacle of entertainment in the country by offering visitors a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will create everlasting memories.

“We are immensely excited to announce the imminent opening of Atlantis Sanya and look forward to welcome all visitors from across the globe”, said Atlantis Sanya Managing Director Heiko Schreiner. “In the leadup to the grand unveiling, Atlantis Sanya launched an 18-day countdown activity at Fosun Foundation Shanghai as we start various online and offline activities for everyone to take part in. The resort’s unveiling coincides with the festivities of Hainan Province Special Economic Zone 30th Anniversary and will mark a new era for the entertainment industry on this exotic island.”

Over 80 reputable and international firms designed Atlantis Sanya. The world-class interior design was made through a collaboration between Jeffrey Beers International (JBI) and Hirsch Bedner Associates (HBA), evoked images of the sea and immersing guests in an otherworldly experience of marine life. Atlantis Sanya’s innovative design blends modern aesthetics and sea-inspired imagery with elements from Sanya’s rich culture, giving the resort the enchanting look and feel of an aquatic paradise. The resort features artwork by local Chinese artists and the furnishings are accented with Hainan province’s native hardwoods that exuberate both a local and luxury impression.

Where the myth of Atlantis truly comes alive is The Lost Chambers Aquarium, a twisting maze of underground passageways and tunnels that provide a fascinating insight into the ancient Atlantis civilisation, which has been hidden under the sea for thousands of years. The resort also boasts one of the largest open-air aquariums in the world, The Ambassador Lagoon, a unique marine habitat of over 13.5 million litres, mesmerizing visitors as they stare right into the heart of Atlantis. Guests can also get up close and personal with over 86,000 marine animals including sharks, rays and other distinctive marine life through diving experiences in the lagoon.

The gravity-defying waterslides at Aquaventure Waterpark promise fun for the entire family. This expansive 200,000 square meter waterpark is truly a one of a kind, the first in China to open everyday of the year. Hours of fun and excitement await as guests can experience adrenaline-pumping waterslides that catapult riders through shark filled lagoons, or take a tumultuous ride on the Rapids River. Younger children will love Splashers, a child-friendly water playground packed with under-the-sea themed thrills, featuring elaborate water games, slides and more.

With the arrival of 21 restaurants, lounges, and cafes in the unique integrated entertainment resort destination, Atlantis Sanya offers a vast selection of exquisite dining opportunities to its guests. From quick bites, casual dining, expansive buffets, specialty restaurants and celebrity chef dining, the resort is poised to take the spot of Hainan’s number one dining destination. With highlights such as Gordon Ramsay’s Bread Street Kitchen & Bar and Ossiano Underwater Restaurant & Bar, the new dining offerings at Atlantis Sanya will revolutionize the food and beverage landscape in this coveted island getaway.

Set to fully open on April 28, 2018, Atlantis Sanya is a globally recognized travel destination and the premier resort in Sanya, Hainan Island.