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First edition of the new ‘Seychelles Ocean Festival’ launched

First edition of the new ‘Seychelles Ocean Festival’ launched

It is all about celebrating our exceptional marine environment, our beaches, the reefs, the marine life around our islands and most important, our constant efforts to protect this pristine environment, our crystal clear waters, from pollution and unsustainable fishing practices‘  said one regular contributor from Victoria when asked how best she would describe the transformation from Subios aka as Sub Indian Ocean Seychelles to the new Ocean Festival.

Launched by Vice President Vincent Meriton and Tourism, Civil Aviation, Ports and Marine Minister Alain St. Ange, is this the last of the high profile festival events on the Seychelles calendar for 2016, before giving way for a fresh start in 2017 when again, festival will chase festival to add value to the anticipated 300.000+ visitors to the archipelago.

A photography and video competition will once again honour the very best of underwater pictures and films and throughout the week the festival will be running a series of supporting events has been planned to highlight connected issues like the Blue Economy and Seychelles global fight against rising temperatures which present a clear and present danger to the very survival of many small island nations.

Said Minister St. Ange in his opening remarks: ‘Seychelles is proactive. Seychelles moves. Seychelles doesn’t stand still. If we start standing still we will fast realise the world will leave us on the sidelines which is why the Blue Economy concept gets us to realise the importance of our cruise ship industry, our fishing industry both commercial and domestic, diving, fishing, sailing, snorkelling, boating‘ 

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