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Several people wounded in ax attack at Düsseldorf train station

Several people wounded in ax attack at Düsseldorf train station

Police in Dusseldorf have arrested at least two people following an ax attack at the city’s main train station. Several people have been injured, according to reports.

There are conflicting reports as to whether police are searching for other suspects.

Up to five people were understood to have been injured in the attack but, as of yet, there are no details about the extent of their injuries. Spiegel reported that eyewitnesses saw people bleeding on the ground, but there has been no confirmation from police.

Rainer Kerstiens, a federal police spokesman for the regional state of North Rhine-Wesphalia, described the attack to Deutsche Welle as an “amok attack.” The mayor of Düsseldorf, Thomas Geisel, is reported to have now arrived at the scene.

Federal police tweeted that “speculation won’t help” and said Dusseldorf police would inform the public about the ongoing operation at the main station.

“They just came in here and attacked people with an ax. I saw many things in my life, but I have never seen anything like this. He just started hitting people with his axe,” the man says. “The whole station is full of police officers. It is sickening.”

A large police presence has been deployed to the scene, including special forces. A police helicopter is circulating over the area, according to RP Online. The train station has been sealed off and trains have been diverted from the station while police deal with the incident.

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