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Five Things To Know If You’re Travelling To Europe In 2017

With air travel being affordable and the exchange rate being favorable, Europe has never been as accessible as it is today. Whether you are planning a holiday with your partner, friends, and family or are going solo to Europe this year, then you are certainly going to be able to take something from our list of 5 things to know when traveling to the continent this year.

  1. You still need your EHIC card

While there has been a great deal of uncertainty about what Brexit will mean for those who love to travel to Europe on a regular basis, it has been confirmed that negotiations will take time. This means that in the next few years (at least) you will still need to and benefit from carrying your European Health Insurance card while you travel to work alongside any travel insurance that you choose to purchase. Make sure that your EHIC card is in date and apply for an EHIC renewal UK as soon as possible if it isn’t.

  1. There are better routes and connections than ever before

Regardless of whether someone is coming in from the States or from a neighbouring European country, we are truly more connected than we have ever been. Make the most our newly acquired flight paths and all other travel routes by stepping out of your comfort zone and heading to a new city or travelling through a brand new method of transportation. Rail travel has become a favourite new way of getting from A to B, for example and allows you to see so much more of a country than if you were to simply fly in.

  1. Get App happy

From dealing with missed communication to finding the best restaurant for a special anniversary meal, we are privilege to live in a world where apps can make things so much easier. The Google translate app and Google maps will prove to be a game changer if you have yet to utilise their power of getting you walking the streets of a new city with confidence and flair! Other than those two, there are loads more for you to check out based on what you most want assistance with when travelling- be it playing games to keep occupied on long journeys to packing checklists.

  1. Validate your travel tickets

Some people may already be familiar with this but we have found that others are left totally baffled by the concept. Essentially in many countries when you go to purchase a travel ticket, you will also need to validate it before you are able to get on the underground, tram or bus. Be sure to ask at the ticket kiosk if you do indeed need to validate your ticket in order to avoid getting fined.

  1. Changing trends

In the last few years we have definitely seen there being a trend in the number of people leaning towards visiting more Eastern- European countries such as Slovenia, Serbia and Bulgaria. This is predicted to continue in 2017 so why not get on board with the trend? The great thing about visiting these previously vastly unvisited areas of the world is that you get to see an entirely different point of view on life and make the most of the low prices of food and accommodation etc.