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Four travel questions you need to answer before flying

Four travel questions you need to answer before flying

When flying to another country, there are a few things you are responsible for. One is that all the documents are up to date and valid enough to be allowed entrance. Some destinations are a bit wary of letting in travelers whose passports expire in less than six months, for example. You could easily overstay your visit and then be in their country with an expired passport. Renewing your passport, as well as a few other key steps is imperative to get done before you fly. To help ensure you take these steps, remember to ask yourself these four travel questions:

1.    Is Your Passport Up to Date?

Your passport needs to be valid to travel. Never make the mistake of assuming your passport is still valid and then try to fly. It will be a very expensive mistake and will absolutely ruin your holiday. If you aren’t sure when it expires, check now. You want to give yourself enough time before your trip to renew your passport, to ensure you get it back in time for your flight. If you need any other help with the renewal process, however, it is best to visit this US Passport Help Guide to lead you through the process.

2.    Do You Need a Visa?

Visas can be issued at the border or might need to be applied for at home before you go anywhere. If they need to be issued in advance, then you will want to have enough time to apply and get it back. These visas, after all, will often need your passport to be sent away to be inserted. This means you will not be able to travel until you get your visa back.

3.    Do You Need Any Vaccinations?

Only Yellow Fever infected areas absolutely require you as a mandatory prerequisite to be vaccinated. All other areas have recommended vaccination lists, but you do not need to have them to enter the country. That being said, many diseases can be extremely deadly. Travel to Jaapan, for example, and a mosquito’s bite could lead to your brain swelling so badly that it causes brain damage. Getting the right vaccination and knowing the preemptive protection measures can help you stay healthy throughout your trip.

4.    Do You Have All The Necessary Information On Hand?

Know the emergency services numbers, know your embassy’s contact details, have a downloaded map of the area on hand, as well as the ability to translate on your phone. Though you can easily do this in the few days before your trip, it is necessary you have them on hand before you fly just in case.

Answering these questions before you book anything can help you be adequately prepared when it comes to planning and budgeting for your trip. If you need to renew your passport, but only find out after you have depleted your funds, then you will be delayed. If you need vaccinations but they take several doses, you won’t be fully covered. Preparation is key to stay safe and healthy, so ask these questions first before you lock yourself into specific dates.