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FRAPORT: Drinking Fountains, Bottle Filling Stations and Warm Water Dispensers

FRAPORT: Drinking Fountains, Bottle Filling Stations and Warm Water Dispensers

Right after passing the security check you realize you’re thirsty, but you’ve had to throw away or empty your water bottle: most air travelers are familiar with this scenario. Containers are not allowed to be taken into the security zone if they hold more than 100 milliliters of liquid (3.4 ounces). Fortunately, Frankfurt Airport has taken steps to ensure that passengers stay hydrated: either free or for a very small fee.

Water for only one Euro

The prices charged for bottled water in airports can be very high – but Frankfurt Airport is an exception, because you can buy half a liter of still water for only one euro in the Duty Free and Travel Value shops. And if you’ve brought an empty bottle with you, you can take advantage of one of several free services.

Drinking Fountains and Bottle Filling Stations

Free drinking water is available at a total of 30 drinking fountains in Terminals 1 and 2. In addition, conveniently located “bottle filling stations” are being installed where you can very easily fill empty bottles.

There are also free warm water dispensers in case you need warm water to make tea or prepare baby food.

Shower Between Flights

If you want to refresh your whole body instead of just quenching your thirst, showers are also available at Frankfurt Airport. Just what you need during a layover or after arriving from a long trip and the cost is only six euros. The service includes a towel, hair dryer, shower gel and shampoo.

Fraport, the airport’s operator, has coined the slogan “Gute Reise! We make it happen” to express its dedication to serving passengers and meeting their needs and wishes. It regularly introduces new services and facilities to continue upgrading the customer experience at Germany’s largest airport.

Passengers and visitors can find more information on the many services offered at Frankfurt Airport on the airport website, in the Service Shop, and on its Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTubechannels.

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