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Friends of Zion Heritage may create challenge to travel security worldwide

Friends of Zion Heritage may create challenge to travel security worldwide

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Moving an Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem may not just be an isolated undertaking by an unpopular US President Trump, but is now becoming a movement with the help of an influential Israeli organization. Friends of Zion Heritage Center in Jerusalem, the organization has launched a Global campaign to motivate countries having diplomatic relations with Israel to move their Embassy to Jerusalem.

Many in the tourism industry say it’s a self-serving and an unnecessary provocation now spearheaded by Friends of Zion Heritage. it makes peace in the Middle East more unlikely and creates more challenges for travel and tourism safety. Some Palestine friendly countries are now saying their embassy (if they have one) should be moved to East Jerusalem.

Friends of Zion is the largest pro-Israel social network movement on the planet. As an example in India, they have 5,952,500 members in Indonesia 5,777,607 members in the Philippines 3,685,561 members

Every world leader that says “yes” will receive the Friend of Zion Award said Mike Evans who gave the Friends of Zion award to President Donald Trump in the oval office this month.

As a direct consequence of President Trumps Jerusalem recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, Guatemalan President Morales announced that he too has instructed his foreign office to move the Guatemalan embassy to Jerusalem.

The Friends of Zion Museum is recognizing these historic declarations by a massive international campaign, which has been kick-started with a huge banner thanking President Trump and President Morales for supporting Jerusalem.

Just a few days ago President Donald Trump, received the Friends of Zion Award from Dr. Mike Evans in the oval office at an event attended by Vice President Pence, Senior Advisors Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump and faith leaders representing over 150 million Christians globally.

Guatemala has a large evangelical constituency and the Friends of Zion museum is constantly activating and educating them and other communities around the world in order to strengthen Jerusalem.

President Trumps historic declaration regarding Jerusalem takes its place as one of Israel’s historic millstones from the Balfour Declaration to President Truman’s acceptance of Israel into the family of nations.  These heroes presented in the Friends of Zion Museum in Jerusalem tell the stories characters throughout history that have stood by the Jewish people and helped establish the State of Israel. These non-Jewish Zionists are engraved in history and millions of people worldwide have learned of their heroism thanks to the groundbreaking work of Dr. Evans and the Friends of Zion Museum.

The Friends of Zion Heritage Center has become one of the central institutions in the State of Israel influencing the world and strengthening Israel’srelations globally while fortifying the pillars of the State of Israel. In addition to more than 31 million members globally, the museum has hosted over 100 diplomats such as US Amb. David Freedman, President Rivlin tens of thousands of Christian and Jewish leaders, NBA and NFL superstars, leading Hollywood actors and singers and it has become a must-see site in Jerusalem.

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