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Garlic got visitors shot in California mass shooting at Gilroy Garlic Festival

Garlic got visitors shot in California mass shooting at Gilroy Garlic Festival

Loving garlic was the death sentence for five visitors at the famous  Gilroy Garlic Festival 80 miles north of San Francisco.  The sound of multiple gunshots was heard. It’s one of the largest food-festivals and a tourist attraction and very popular locally and also for visitors going on since the 70′.

ATF is on the scene and police warn, the scene is still active at 8.00 pm California time. The shooter has not been located according to tweets. The festival was about to close at 6.00 pm when the shooting began.

People are running for their life at this extremely busy grounds.  Helicopters are circling above the site. The event is about 80 miles from San Francisco and garlic lovers from all over the country and overseas are attending.


Garlic got visitors shot in California at Gilroy Garlic Festival north of San Francisco


There are multiple eyewitness accounts and news agencies reporting a shooting and multiple victims at the Gilroy Garlic Festival in Christmas Hill Park. The Associated Press has reported that at least five people were shot, according to an official with Santa Clara County Medical Center.

KSBW has confirmed with Gilroy police that there was a shooting situation at the festival. NBC Bay Area reported that ambulance crews were told that 11 people were down and there is a video on social media of people fleeing the festival after hearing gunshots.

The Gilroy Police Department said on Twitter at 7:22 p.m. that the scene was still active. The department posted to Twitter on Sunday evening that they are opening a reunification for people who were at the festival when the shooting broke out Gavilan College at parking lot B.

“The hearts of Gilroy PD and entire community go out to the victims of today’s shooting at the Garlic Festival,” they wrote.

The 2019 Gilroy Garlic Festival is for great garlicky food, live entertainment, cooking competitions, and more.

The heart of the Garlic Festival is Gourmet Alley, the gigantic outdoor kitchen where the world-famous “Pyro Chefs” put on a spectacular flame-up show while preparing garlic-laced calamari and scampi in huge iron skillets. Other Festival favorites include pepper steak sandwiches, pasta con pesto, and fried calamari, as well as Gilroy garlic fries and garlic bread. And you’ve got to try the only-in-Gilroy garlic ice cream!

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