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In Geneva and I wish I was Picasso

In Geneva and I wish I was Picasso

ALICE: “If you don’t know where to go, any road will take you there!” is a famous quotation From Alice In The Wonderland. That what I felt when I stepped into the Art Of Life Atelier in 4 Rue Micheli Du Crest in Geneva that Friday evening. There was a group of mature artists performing the final touches to their paintings. I approached Lisa the Atelier curator and investigated if they were using acrylic colors. It is the only material I am familiar with. I felt a thrill When she whispered: “ They are using oil!”

LIVE PAINTING: That sensational December evening had been my first encounter (live painting) at art studios where Friday night pedestrians may watch my ventures in the realm of Van Gogh, Monet and Goya! To eliminate my worries she handed me two coupons to enjoy a sedative drink, probably Chardonnay at the Cool La Fabrique Bistrot before I get into the arena. Lisa Anderson poses a confidant natural smile that is contagious. Praise to the Lord, I was not solo e abandoned before Christmas eve. A group of femmes connoisseurs d’arte were experimenting live painting as well.

Our mentor, Tu Tengyi Fang is a professional Chinese painter who delivered our model for tonight. A (Bamboo Shoots) painting, fresh, crisp and vibrant. What a jam!

Art Jamming is the brainchild of Lisa. Her mother is Japanese and the father is English. Only a year ago she decided to leave Asia and settle in Geneva, such a cosmopolitan city that promotes culture, arts, and music to its multi – ethnic residents and world globetrotters as well.

FEELINGS: When you are exposed to (create) and innovate within a group one do not feel the same anymore. Once In Florida I joined a poetry Group that used to hold monthly meetings in a library. Brandywine Society was the name of the location where a group of aspiring Troubadours flock together to exchange images, feelings, rhythms and maybe hopes.

Around 8:30 pm I was still struggling to deliver the final touches to my chef d’oeuvre (masterpiece). But The female co-painters outsmarted me. Sonja, Sandra, Gloria, Carla, Mena and Julia were not only ahead of me, but their art work looked sur-real, talented and near perfection. Sincerely check out our group picture and you will realize that seeing is believing! My solitary contribution was the golden moon that I inserted into the painting. Sweet A. Heidi liked the concept and voluntarily she followed me.

Weekly audience: around thirty art lovers flock to Life of Art atelier to express their inner sentiments, soul searching and go home with a genuine trophy. A baby of your own making! I found out that a substantial number of Lisa audience became addicted repeat followers. Some take drawing classes, the more sophisticated delve into the realm of oil, but I was satisfied with the acrylic medium.

I Genuinely recommend friends to use the link and enjoy the fruits of Lisa forbidden gardens! Adults are not the only target but there are creativity workshops for kids.

I came across (Manga for teens) workshop, it sounds like Salsa to me! Pablo Picasso coined a famous quotation “ believe me the defaults I committed in some paintings were the most remarkable in my career !”. After Friday night session I feel like Picasso!



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