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Global Travel & Tourism leaders call for security and facilitation of travel to go hand in hand

Global Travel & Tourism leaders call for security and facilitation of travel to go hand in hand

The leading global Travel & Tourism private sector and government organisations – the Global Travel Association Coalition (GTAC) – have today launched a statement setting out a vision for enhancing security and facilitation to ensure the sustainable growth of Travel & Tourism.

Travel & Tourism represents 10% of the world’s GDP, supports 1 in 11 jobs and accounts for 6% of global exports, and, in 2015, 1.2 billion people travelled internationally.  Although the sector is resilient overall, it faces growing challenges in the form of security threats, pandemics and natural disasters which are impacting destinations around the world.

The leaders of GTAC state their readiness to work with governments around the world to further:

  1. The targeted integration of Travel & Tourism in local, national, regional and international security planning and implementation structures and procedures.
  2. A risk management approach to Travel & Tourism ensuring that appropriate security controls are applied by all stakeholders.
  3. The use of innovative and sustainable security technologies and processes to enhance efficiency and effectiveness, while improving the travel experience.
  4. Development of the specific skills needed to build intelligence and address security threats.
  5. Greater collaboration and coordination amongst policy makers within and across law enforcement entities, intelligence services, and industry.
  6. Increased intelligence and information sharing between local, national, regional and international security bodies.
  7. Solutions which consider the needs of citizens and travellers.
  8. Location specific and continuously updated travel advisories enhanced by the use of innovative technology.
  9. Dissemination of transparent, accurate, timely and coordinated information in the immediate aftermath of an event.
  10. Appropriate national legislation, regulations and/or policies in support of travellers in need and their families in the aftermath of an event.

David Scowsill, President & CEO, World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) said “Safety, security and facilitation are high priorities for our sector and significant investment has been made in initiatives to promote these priorities across airlines, airports, cruise lines, ports, attractions and hotels.  However, current global security threats can only be effectively addressed through strong and concerted collaborative efforts by governments, the international community, the private sector and civil society.  The organisations which constitute GTAC are committed to working with partners around the world to ensure that security and facilitation go hand in hand, and that Travel & Tourism continues to thrive and bring economic and social benefits to communities.”

You can find the full statement here.