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Good news for GetGo Tours as GetYourGuide plans on highlighting Sri Lanka tours in 2019

Good news for GetGo Tours as GetYourGuide plans on highlighting Sri Lanka tours in 2019

Sri Lanka travel company GetGo Tours will receive a boost to their business this year as global tour booking platform GetYourGuide announces plans to focus on promoting Sri Lanka in 2019. The decision is prompted by the recent tourism boom in the country, which has seen travel publisher Lonely Planet naming Sri Lanka the best country in the world to visit in 2019. GetYourGuide will work specifically with GetGo to promote their existing tours on the platform, with new tours and activities being added throughout the year.

GetGo Tours can arrange anything from day trips and city tours to safaris, cultural tours, wellness and Ayurveda tours and adventure tour packages in Sri Lanka, for one day, several days or for two or three weeks. The company is based in Kandy and has been operating since 2011.

Commenting on the new relationship, Philipp Müller, founder and director of GetGo Tours said: “I am delighted that such a tiny place on the world map like Sri Lanka has been ranked as the number one destination by Lonely Planet. Thanks to GetYourGuide we are looking forward to a successful year ahead and providing visitors with the best Sri Lanka holiday packages available.”

In recent years, tourism in Sri Lanka has improved hugely, with activities like hiking and surfing now available, as well as better quality accommodation and improved transport. In 2018, international visitor numbers rose by 10.3 percent to 2.3 million. The tourism boom is set to continue, with four million visitors expected in 2019, aided by Lonely Planet’s endorsement.

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