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Gorilla baby boom beamed on Times Square giant screens

Gorilla baby boom  beamed  on Times Square giant screens

Along side ‘Super Trump” billboard a Gorilla Baby Boom took over the video display on Times Square in New York.

 The endangered mountain gorillas have gone on a wild baby boom as yet another mountain gorilla was born in the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park  located 414 km South West of Uganda’s capital ,Kampala .

Businza  an adult female in the Rushegura mountain gorilla family gave birth on the morning of 11th November 2016 . She and her baby were spotted  by a Uganda Wildlife Authority tracker later in the day during daily  routine  monitoring of   the habituated gorillas to ensure they are in good health and safe. Originally from Habinyanza family, Businza moved to her present family, Rushegura, in 2000.


Speaking of the newest birth , Dr. Andrew Seguya, has said the consistent and sustained conservation efforts to ensure the survival of the mountain gorillas is paying off. “Over the last 10 years, Uganda has been leading in conservation of the mountain gorilla. We believe that the pristine and safe habitant is the crucial link in the survival of the gorillas as well as their health and wellbeing,” Dr. Seguya said.

This is , the third  birth in as many months  after news of the  previous birth  in September  was recently beamed on Reuter’s billboard in New York City’s Times Square also referred to as ‘The Centre of the World’  .It is a major commercial intersection and  a world famous  converging landmark in Midtown Manhattan, New York City illuminated by  striking  digital  billboards  ,most recently featuring   giant sized 55 inch ‘Super Trump’  ad.  

It is early days to determine the sex of the bundle of joy because the mother is very protective in infant stages .Regarding the naming , no suggestions have been floated as yet but in keeping with tradition depending on season or  occasion anything is possible considering  the birth coincided with ‘Super Tuesday’ ,US election date.

This as we hope that with the fallout from the US elections, perhaps the beaming mother and child  image on ‘Times Square’  could  strike a code of renewed  unity and reconciliation in ‘ New Yorker’s’ and Americans at large.  

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