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Government of Canada invests in low-carbon transportation

Government of Canada invests in low-carbon transportation

Investing in infrastructure to support the move to a cleaner transportation system will make it easier for Canadians to choose low-carbon vehicles while reducing greenhouse gas emissions and creating middle-class jobs.

Almost a quarter of Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions currently come from the transportation sector. Shifting our transportation system to be cleaner and more efficient is a critical component of our clean growth strategy.

Today, Canada’s Minister of Natural Resources, the Honorable Jim Carr, highlighted low-carbon transportation initiatives that will make it easier for Canadians to use cleaner fuels and vehicles.

Minister Carr announced the Government will help AddÉnergie, a Canadian company that develops electric vehicle recharging technology, install fast-charging stations for electric vehicles at 25 Canadian Tire locations throughout Ontario. The Government is providing almost half of the total $1.8-million investment for the stations.

Today’s investment is part of the Government’s plan to create a cleaner transportation sector by expanding the infrastructure that supports electric and alternative fuel vehicles. Once fully implemented, the Budget 2016 commitment of $62.5 million over two years will result in more than 280 electric vehicle charging stations, nine natural gas refueling stations and three hydrogen refueling stations between British Columbia and Atlantic Canada. Investments like this will make it easier for Canadian electric vehicle drivers to travel farther, while doing their part to address our climate change challenge.

The Government of Canada will continue to work with the provinces and territories on zero-emissions vehicles, advancing our clean energy strategy and developing a pan-Canadian framework for clean growth and climate change, which will identify the actions needed to transition to a low-carbon future.


“Fuels and technologies adopted today will determine the mix of transportation options on Canada’s roads in 2030. By establishing new infrastructure, we are setting Canada’s transportation system on a path to a lower-carbon future while creating jobs for middle-class Canadians.”

Jim Carr
Canada’s Minister of Natural Resources

“We are building the transportation system of the future by investing today in system electrification and renewable fuels. Not only will this put us on the leading edge of change, it will result in significant reductions in air emissions and limit air pollution for all Canadians.”

Marc Garneau
Minister of Transport

“As the Canadian leader in charging solutions for electric vehicles, AddÉnergie is focused on expanding the adoption of EVs across the country by providing safe and reliable infrastructure. This partnership with Canadian Tire accelerates our efforts to deliver the best charging services to EV drivers whether at home, work or on the road.”

Louis Tremblay
President and Chief Executive Officer, AddÉnergie

“As a company, we understand that our actions have the power to positively impact the environment, our customers and the communities in which we operate, and that is why we never stop looking for ways to integrate new and innovative sustainable practices into our business strategy. This pilot project is at the forefront of innovation, and we are proud to partner with AddÉnergie to bring electric vehicle fast-charging stations to Ontario communities as a first step in delivering this clean technology to Canadian consumers.”

Bruce Allen
President, Canadian Tire Petroleum

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