Government of Tanzania plan to rebrand the Tourist Board

Tanzanian government is planning to re-brand the Tanzania Tourist Board as to equip it with better working tools and strategies for more and vibrant tourism marketing.

Deputy Minister for Natural Resources and Tourism Constantine Kanyasu said the government is aiming to re-brand the Tanzania Tourist Board (TTB) to make it more vibrant with closer cooperation with private tourist stakeholders.

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He said that the Tourism Board will be re-branded to make it more attractive to private tourist stakeholders as a way that would pull more tourists to visit Tanzania.

Established in 1993, TTB has been operating as a full funded government institution charged to market Tanzania’s tourism within and outside the boundaries.

The Board has been operating its daily activities through the government subsidy with little or less contributions from the private tourist stakeholders and who are the key players in Tanzania’s tourist business.

Tanzania is among the African tourist destinations looking to attract more tourists to visit its wildlife resources, historical sites, the warms beaches along the Indian Ocean and the rich cultural heritage sites.

Looking for harmonization of taxes, duties and other levies imposed on tourism industry, members of the Tanzania Association of Tour Operators (TATO) had recently sent their delegates to meet the Tanzanian speaker of the Parliament in an attempt to lobby for fair treatment through parliamentary intervention.

The delegation of TATO members and the Hotel Association of Tanzania (HAT) notified the speaker on a rough road which tourism is currently passing through unfriendly and inconsistent policies.

Tourist business executives had expressed their dissatisfaction over a myriad of taxes and levies imposed on tourism, making the business environment unfriendly but also tagging Tanzania globally as a non-competitive tourist destination.

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