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Great Wall Hero 2019: Global Marketing Campaign Introduction

Great Wall Hero 2019: Global Marketing Campaign Introduction

Mr. Yu SONG, Director-General of Beijing Municipal Culture and Tourism Bureau, delivered the opening speech and highlighted the overseas marketing efforts of the Bureau these years. He remarked that this global marketing campaign strives to open communication barriers between culture and tourism through this integrated marketing campaign, reinvigorating the exchange of cultural and tourism resources in the name of “eco-tourism,” with the help from Beijing Horticultural Expo, Air China and Beijing Capital International Airport Co., Ltd.

“Great Wall Hero 2019” was inspired by the vitality of Beijing and the trend of “eco-tourism.” The campaign was joined by top influencers from around the world, including Caitlin Turner from the United States, Brodie, Dylan Pawson from Australia, and Laiza Cristina, from Brazil. As the official Great Wall Heroes, their travel experiences of exploring the trails of Beijing were broadcasted in real-time on social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Activities such as helicopter tour across Badaling Great Wall, introductions to Beijing’s intangible cultural heritage, Beijing Horticultural Expo discovery tour, traversing the Central Axis of Beijing with the help of iSoldiers, parkour style. Actives of Great Wall Hero 2019 have all been elevated with elements of “eco,” and “vitality,” tailoring to the virtue of the campaign.

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In the end, Mr. Yu SONG, awarded our official Great Wall Heroes the Great Wall Heroes certificates of honor for their achievements. They have even been given the honor to host the Lucky Draw of 2 packages of 4-Day #GWHGoesGreen trip for all fans who applied for Great Wall Hero 2019.

The strategic sponsorship from Air China, Beijing Beijing Horticultural Expo, The Office of Badaling Great Wall of Beijingand ManXin Qianmen Courtyard Hotel has been a great support to the campaign, culminating Great Wall Hero to be the prime example of tourism excellence.

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