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Grisly bus accident kills 32 school children in northern Tanzania

Grisly bus accident  kills 32 school children in northern Tanzania

Bus safety has been an issue in Tanzania. Specifically in a country relying on tourism for foreign trade exports, safety should be on top of the agenda.  Tanzania is among African countries prone to accidents and rampant corruption where more than 3,000 die from frequent road carnages. Rampant corruption in the road transport system, dilapidated vehicles and lack of transport knowledge among bus owners are the major causes of daily accidents in this poor African nation.

Thirty-two children were killed Saturday morning after their bus crashed into a gorge in northern Tanzania’s tourist region of Arusha.

Aged between 12 and14, the school children died after a mini-bus they were boarding plunged into a Marera river gorge near the small town of Karatu.

Security authorities in the northern tourist city of Arusha said the driver of the bus had lost a control of the vehicle.

The final-year primary school pupils died on after the ill-fated Mitsubishi bus went off the road and plunged into the gorge in the Karatu district in the East African Rift Valley, about 150 kilometers from the Arusha city.

Security authorities in the area confirmed to eTN that the grisly accident had caused deaths of 32 children, boys and girls, all from a school in Arusha city, well known for its flourishing tourism. Other four people including the driver, bus attendants, and teachers also lost their lives.

The grisly accident, authorities said, could have been caused by the driver who is among the dead people.  The bus was speeding in zigzag style along the road, in the drizzling misty morning, witnesses at the horrific scene said.

The vehicle lost control and went off the tarmac road heading to northern wildlife parks of Ngorongoro and Serengeti before plunging into the gorge.

Road carnages are a common phenomenon in this African nation with no, appropriate and stringent measures to curb the situation