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Growing adventure tourism in India

Growing adventure tourism in India

The guidelines for adventure tourism in India, released midway during the ongoing year of adventure tourism, have 28 activities identified for promotion. These include 15 land-based, 7 air-based, and 6 sea/water-based activities.

Officials and operators feel that India is ideal for adventure tourism, which is like the low-hanging fruit waiting to be plucked. World over, adventure tourism is growing at a fast rate, and India is keen to get a larger share of this.

The Ministry of Tourism has also formulated a set of guidelines on Safety and Quality Norms on Adventure Tourism as Basic Minimum Standards for Adventure Tourism Activities. These guidelines cover Land, Air and Water based activities which include mountaineering, trekking hand gliding, paragliding, bungee jumping and river rafting.

The large coastline and the mountains offer excellent opportunities for adventure tourism, it was said while releasing the guidelines last week. The importance of involving all stakeholders – center, states, and the private sector – has also been stressed in the guidelines. Tour operators have been involved in framing the guidelines, along with the Ministry and the States.

As per the policy for the diversification of tourism product of India, special attention is being given for the development of Adventure Tourism in the country. The Ministry of Tourism has also issued Guidelines for Approval of Adventure Tour Operators, which is a voluntary scheme, open to all bonafide adventure tour operators.

The Ministry of Tourism has been following up with concerned related Central Ministries with regard to facilitation for development of adventure tourism. As an outcome, the Government of India has given security clearance for opening of 104 additional peaks in Jammu and Kashmir (Leh Area) subject to stipulations and clearances from the State Government, Home Ministry, and other concerned agencies. The opening of the additional peaks will help in positioning the Indian Himalayas as Adventure tourism destination.