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Hahn Air makes HR-169 tickets available to travel agents in Cuba

Hahn Air makes HR-169 tickets available to travel agents in Cuba

Hahn Air, a German airline and the leading provider of distribution services for other airlines, is now for the first time enabling travel agents in Cuba to issue tickets of over 300 air, rail and shuttle partners on the HR-169 ticket. Since 1999, Hahn Air makes it possible for travel agents in over 190 markets to sell tickets of carriers they would otherwise not be able to issue. Cuba is one of 25 markets worldwide where the HR-169 ticket is made available to travel agents via a Hahn Air Ticket Office.

Its unique Ticket Office concept allows Hahn Air to extend its services to travel agents in markets that, for example, do not have a Billing and Settlement Plan (BSP). A membership in a BSP is usually a prerequisite for an airline and a travel agent to do business with each other. Non-BSP markets covered by Hahn Air with one or more Ticket Offices include the Democratic Republic of Congo, Armenia and Yemen. In addition, Ticket Offices provide
HR-169 tickets in markets with politically or economically challenging situations, such as Nigeria and Venezuela, where HR-169 tickets are not available via the BSPs.

With the latest Hahn Air Ticket Offices opened in Cuba, Gambia, Guatemala, Madagascar and Tajikistan, Hahn Air now has a network of 50 such offices around the world. Agents interested in issuing a Hahn Air ticket can contact the local Ticket Office by telephone or email and will receive the requested HR-169 ticket by email. The service is available to IATA and non-IATA agents.

“We are a strong partner of the travel agents and it is our utmost goal to increase their revenue”, says Robert Heerenveen, Vice President Global Account Management at Hahn Air. “While in most markets we are able to provide our HR-169 ticket via the standard ticketing process of all major GDSs, our Ticket Office network allows us to cover non-BSP markets as well. Today, we reach over 100,000 travel agencies with our services.”

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