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Halloween thrills: Most extreme haunted attractions tap into phobias & human psychology

Halloween thrills: Most extreme haunted attractions tap into phobias & human psychology

Gone are the days of cheaper thrills from slap together haunted houses by amateur business people as year-round planning and millions of dollars are invested to take thrill-seekers to a new level of horror. America Haunts, Halloween’s leading industry organization, has named the five most extreme haunted attractions nationwide that tap into phobias and the psychology of the scare.

“This list is compiled for those who are looking for the extreme fear factor in Halloween as each haunt dives into deep rooted phobias,” said Amber Arnett-Bequeaith of America Haunts. “Some haunts put you in total blackness, others in sensory overload. America Haunts constantly seeks attractions that are set apart from the rest by their creativity in making your worst nightmares a reality that’s frightening, yet also fun.”

The Top Five Most Extreme Haunted Attractions, chosen by a panel of experts at America Haunts and praised by critics, are:

1. Nightmare on the Bayou, Houston
2. Erebus, Detroit
3. Cutting Edge, Dallas
4. 13th Floor, San Antonio
5. Headless Horseman, New York (Already made a list for Scariest)

Nightmare on the Bayou in Houston owners say the attraction is actually haunted with angry souls that haven’t crossed over. Amplify that with state of the art, life-like sets, and the fear stays with guests long after they’ve left. Erebus, Detroit puts thrill-seekers in a room that fills with over 10,000 balls that mimics the idea of suffocating. Cutting Edge, Dallas located in an abandoned meat packing facility swaps out animals with humans in its human processing area. Monsters, clowns and gruesome creatures only found in the darkness of one’s deepest nightmare can be found at the gigantic 13th floor, San Antonio. The Headless Horseman, New York toys with the psyche as thrill-seekers must find a way to escape rocky, dark and damp terrain.

Despite the fear factors, haunted attractions remain family fun, she said.

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