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Has cruising gone to the birds? Evidently so

Has cruising gone to the birds?  Evidently so

Enter Harri – a rose-breasted female cockatoo and beloved pet to the Cozzi family. Then exit Harri – bird escapee with traveling ideas of her own.

Harri’s cruising adventure began when her family – mother Michelle, father Brett, and 4-year-old daughter Georgina – were busily packing for a cruise vacation, when Harri escapaded from her cage. She took off from her hometown of Nundah, Queensland, in Australia, and the family was devastated, sure that she would never return. The family went on their P&O cruise aboard the Pacific Aria off Queensland.

Meanwhile, Princess Cruise crew members of the Sea Princess cruise ship discovered Harri as they were sailing the Tasman Sea. She was scanned and sure enough, she had a microchip that identified her as a family pet of the Cozzis.

Until she could be reunited with her family, the crew gave her the royal treatment and made her an honorary crew member where she got to stay in her own stateroom along with daily meals and even her very own laminated crew ID card. She had a lovely 14-day New Zealand cruise vacation under the watchful and attentive eyes of the crew.

Once both bird and humans were back on dry land, they were reunited at the Portside Cruise Terminal in Brisbane. Through the efforts of Princess Cruises, the Sea Princess crew, and government officials on both sides of the Tasman Sea, Harri was checked out and given the go-ahead to be returned to his eagerly-awaiting family.