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Hawaii Tourism invites everyone to welcome Hokulea back home

Hawaii Tourism invites everyone to welcome Hokulea back home

The conclusion to the greatest accomplishment in modern Hawaiian history will make this a summer to remember always: The welcoming home of the Polynesian voyaging canoe Hokulea and completion of its around-the-world voyage, Malama Honua. It will be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for tourists to join in the celebration of the ending to this remarkable journey.

Spotting Malpelo Island, a World Heritage site

Visitors, especially, who have never seen the Hokulea up close and personal, will find it mind-boggling when they see the Hokulea and understand that this canoe traveled around the world! It was an incredible expedition that took three years to complete.

Hokulea arrives in Cuba

For four days, June 17-20, Hawaii residents and visitors will be able to share their admiration and aloha with the Polynesian Voyaging Society, Master Navigator Nainoa Thompson, and Hokulea’s crew for a journey that touched people worldwide with the core principles of Hawaii’s heritage.

Sir Richard Branson welcomes the voyaging canoe

The first day of celebration, set for June 17 at Magic Island on the island of Oahu, will be followed by three days of education, reflection, and cultural exhibits from June 18-20 at the Hawaii Convention Center, with Hokulea tethered to the center’s Grand Staircase as it rests in the Ala Wai Canal.

Arriving in Sydney, Australia

Malama Honua has shown the world what the early Polynesians knew, and that present and future generations must now carry forward: An eternal respect for indigenous people, a commitment to perpetuate native culture, and a promise to protect the environment that gives us life.

Hon. Ban Ki-moon, United Nations Secretary General, aboard the Hokulea

The Polynesian Voyaging Society and crew of Hokulea have fulfilled a mission to be cherished forever, most of all for the message of sustainability shared during their voyage these past three years – a message that needs to be heard and acknowledged by all people worldwide.

The worldwide voyage

Following is the schedule of events set to honor Malama Honua and celebrate Hokulea’s arrival home.

June 17: Ku Haaheo – Pride of Hawaii (All-Day)
Homecoming Ceremony and Celebration, Magic Island

June 18: La Ohana – Hokulea Community Fair (All-Day)
Family Day of Waa (Canoe) Learning and Outreach, Hawaii Convention Center Educational exhibits, demonstrations and free canoe tours

June 19-20: Kuamoo Olelo – Global Stories: Voyaging into the Future (All-Day)
Conference Celebrating Hokulea, Hawaii Convention Center
Conference, speakers, educational exhibits, demonstrations, and free canoe tours

So, bring the family – especially the kids – and join in celebrating Malama Honua, Hokulea and the crew that shared Hawaii’s aloha, pride, and culture with the world.