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Hawaii Travel Now Requires Mandatory Digital Quarantine Registration

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Hawaii Travel Now Requires Mandatory Digital Quarantine Registration

Today, Hawaii Governor Ige held a facebook live Community Connection event to introduce the Hawaii Safe Travels mandatory digital quarantine registration platform. He explained that as work is being done to restore trans-Pacific travel, this new technology tool will keep the community safe and at the same time welcome visitors to the state.

He first addressed the current COVID-19 cases and surge testing, stating that the state wants as many people as possible to get tested for COVID-19 in order to identify as many people as possible so the government can determine where the virus is circulating. He said they have seen a flattening in the number of new cases and the percent positivity rate. Ideally, the rate desired would be below 5%, which means the community spread is low and the state can begin to return to normal activities. The rate of 5% means the state is in the yellow zone.

The Governor said: “We have always envisioned a digital platform to capture contact information, flight information, and get health status of travelers to help identify those who are ill and get them tested if necessary and contain the virus.”

Doug Murdock, CIO of the State of Hawaii, explained how the new digital form works. He said this will provide real-time information and good tracking of people. It will help travelers, airports, police, counties, and the Department of Health. The application allows updates to be made when necessary so it can respond to changing demands.

Murdock said there are no more paper forms, it has to be done in the electronic system now.

Logging in is required as after this is initial part is completed, there will be additional questions that will need to be answered. Log in can be done through Google or Facebook or through the government website directly.

The form requires the traveler to fill out a profile asking for such things as email, phone number, address, and those traveling with you. He recommends completing the digital form ahead of time as it will speed the traveler through the airport.

The next part is to create a trip with such information as dates, where you will be staying, etc. Then a health questionnaire must be done within 24 hours of your flight departure time – no sooner. You will then get a QR code by text or email which you will take with you to the airport. The screener will read your QR code when you arrive at the airport.

Once travelers are in Hawaii, a daily digital check-in is required. If a traveler does not check in daily, they will be contacted.

If a traveler does not have a computer or cellphone, s/he must ask for help from family and friends that have access to a computer or phone to complete the digital application and follow through. The traveler will need an email address which can be obtained free such as gmail or yahoo. If the traveler does not have a cell phone number, s/he will need to provide the phone number of where s/he will be staying – either a land line or a cell phone of someone there.

Personal information is stored in the system in a protected way. This is so the next time the traveler takes a trip, the information will already be there. The health information goes only to the Department of Health which is obligated to protect personal health information and assure it is not divulged to anyone who should not get access.


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