Heathrow: Today’s five year-olds will take over 1,000 flights in their lifetime

New data released from Heathrow shows a sharp rise of children under five flying through the airport

In the lead up to one of its busiest weeks for family travel, Heathrow has revealed the number of under fives taking their first flight has increased by 15% compared to five years ago, with half a million families expected to travel through the airport this half term.

To celebrate the rise in the UK’s mini jetsetters, Heathrow has launched Top Tips from Tiny Travellers, a lighthearted film designed to help make the experience of the 1.7million travellers who will fly in and out of Heathrow this half term as enjoyable as possible.

In the short film, a team of seasoned tiny travellers share some of their best airport tips, including making use of the free play areas, navigating security and Personal Shopping, kids-eat-free meals and complimentary pampering before it’s time to fly.

The film comes as the new data reveals the average five-year-old of today is expected to fly over half a million miles during their lifetime, the equivalent of flying to the moon and back. The top five most visited holiday destinations of these young travelers include America, India, United Arab Emirates, Canada and Italy.

Fiona Carleton, Head of Passenger Experience, said; “It is extremely important to us that each and every passenger who travels through Heathrow has a fantastic experience during their journey. We hope our tiniest travelers help to give passengers a fun insight in how to making the most of their time with us, whether they are seven or 70.”

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