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Hindu prayer room sought for Frankfurt Airport

Hindu prayer room sought for Frankfurt Airport

Hindus have urged for a “Hindu Prayer Room” at Frankfurt Airport (FRA) in Germany, which is one of the world’s dozen largest airports.

FRA already has Christian, Jewish and Muslim prayer rooms—a total of nine chapels and prayer rooms in both terminals open around the clock—which it calls “Places for Prayer and Tranquility”.

A “Festival of Abrahamic Religions” also takes place every November at FRA, which is said to have opened its first chapel in the 1970s. Catholic mass is held every day and Protestant services and concerts are organized several times a week. It has two Catholic priests and two Protestant pastors who hold baptisms and memorial services, bless travelers, provide spiritual consolation; according to FRA website.

Minister-President Volker Bouffier of the German state of Hesse (which is largest shareholder of Fraport AG which operates FRA) and Frankfurt AG Executive Board Chairman Dr. Stefan Schulte urged to work in this direction as an issue of fairness and equality in customer service.

Moreover, launching of “Hindu Prayer Room” would be a good opportunity for FRA to implement its slogan of “Gute Reise! We Make It Happen”.

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