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Hopscotch Air aims to save Californians from endless traffic and airline mess

Hopscotch Air aims to save Californians from endless traffic and airline mess

Air taxi is expanding service in Southern California

Hopscotch Air, the transformative air taxi service that provides private aviation, is expanding service in Southern California, so Californians now have a better option that being stuck in traffic for hours.

Hopscotch Air flies a fleet of technologically-advanced Cirrus aircraft and provides regional, private air taxi services from Montgomery Field in San Diego, Carlsbad, Long Beach, Van Nuys, Santa Monica and dozens of other airports commercial airlines skip over. Destinations include locations throughout Southern California, Nevada, and Arizona.

“Californians deserve better than the regional airline service they now have,” says Hopscotch Air CEO Andrew Schmertz. “We’ve created an on demand air taxi that is far below the cost of traditional charter and is often competitive with the airlines, especially when you fly with more than one person.”

Because Hopscotch Air serves general aviation airports, the time a passenger spends at the airport before boarding can be as little ten minutes.

The company, now in its eighth year, performs more than one thousand revenue legs a year in the northeast and has become a leader in the new air taxi space.

“I’ve lived most of my professional life in Southern California,” says Hopscotch Air Base Manager Ronnie Greathouse. “We all know traveling around this state isn’t getting any easier. This type of service turns a three hour drive into a thirty minute flight.”

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