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Hoteles City Express announces the opening of 7 hotels

Hoteles City Express announces the opening of 7 hotels

Hoteles City Express S.A.B. de C.V. announces the opening of seven hotels, three of them today and four more within the next two weeks, concluding its 2016 Development Pipeline. With these new properties, the Company will reach 5.3 million room nights installed, 123 hotels in operation and more than 13,700 rooms installed before year end.

The three hotels that the Company opened today are: City Express Plus Mundo E, City Express Plus Bogota Aeropuerto and City Express Junior Bogota Aeropuerto. City Express CDMX La Raza, City Express Junior Merida Altabrisa and City Express Suites Queretaro Tower II (an expansion that doubles the current room count for the hotel City Express Suites Queretaro) will be opened on Friday, December 23, 2016. Finally, City Centro CDMX will lodge its first guests by December 28, 2016.

With these openings the 2016 Development Pipeline concludes according to plan. The details for these openings are mentioned below.

Hotel Number Development Pipeline Hotel Brand Investment Scheme Opening Rooms Location

107 1 Aguascalientes Centro City Express Junior Managed 2Q16 66 Aguascalientes
108 2 CDMX Aeropuerto City Express Managed 2Q16 98 Ciudad de México
109 3 San Luis Potosí Carranza City Express Junior Owned 2Q16 128 San Luis Potosí
110 4 CDMX Alameda City Express Managed 3Q16 112 Ciudad de México
111 5 Reynosa Aeropuerto City Express Owned 3Q16 113 Tamaulipas
112 6 Tijuana City Express Suites Managed 3Q16 79 Baja California
113 7 Santiago Aeropuerto City Express Co-Owned 3Q16 142 Santiago, Chile
114 8 Toluca Zona Industrial City Express Junior Managed 3Q16 92 Estado de México
115 9 Rosarito City Express Owned 3Q16 113 Baja California
116 10 Zamora City Express Managed 4Q16 114 Michoacán
117 11 Mundo E City Express Plus Leased 4Q16 145 Estado de México
118 12 Bogotá Aeropuerto City Express Plus Owned 4Q16 120 Bogotá, Colombia
119 13 Bogotá Aeropuerto City Express Junior Owned 4Q16 116 Bogotá, Colombia
120 14 CDMX La Raza City Express Owned 4Q16 127 Ciudad de México
121 15 Mérida Altabrisa City Express Junior Co-Owned 4Q16 106 Yucatán
122 16 Querétaro Torre II City Express Suites Owned 4Q16 44 Querétaro
123 17 CDMX City Centro Leased 4Q16 44 Ciudad de México
Total 1,759

The four openings planned for 1Q17 continue under development, in line with the 2017 Development Pipeline, which will be disclosed early next year.

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