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HotelsPro announces 48% growth in Asia-Pacific and China

HotelsPro announces 48% growth in Asia-Pacific and China

HotelsPro revenues grow 48% in Asia-Pacific and China

HotelsPro, a technology and reservation solutions provider for travel industry professionals, announces 48% growth in revenue in Asia-Pacific and China since the opening of HotelsPro’s Shanghai office in May 2016.

Compared to the same period in last year, the booking numbers also increased as 49%.

Offering the fastest access to the most relevant competitively priced hospitality products and solutions on a global scale, HotelsPro believes in the potential of the Asia-Pacific and China region. As another result of the opening of Shanghai office, HotelsPro reached 29% growth in terms of the number of new registered agency.

Looking deeply into the figures, the most preferred destinations for this region are USA, Thailand, China, Italy and Japan. With the evaluation of booking volume and annual growth rate together, prominent countries are Malaysia, South Korea, South Africa, Brazil and Sri Lanka.

“We are very happy and proud to announce 48% growth in Asia-Pacific and China regions. With the tremendous effort of our new Shanghai office, our revenue and booking numbers have been increased as expected. There is also an important growth in terms of new registered agency. As we always say, we are dedicated to growing our global inventory and increasing our understanding of local markets.

We believe in the potential of the Asia-Pacific and China regions, therefore we are attending ITB Asia 2016 as in past years. With our belief and our successful figures, HotelsPro will continue to grow not only in Asia-Pacific and China but also in all regions that it operates.”, said Nevgul Bilsel Safkan, HotelsPro’s Managing Director.

“The Shanghai office serves as HotelsPro’s China and Asia-Pacific sales center. For the past years, we have seen great potential in Asia-Pacific market. Especially China, according to the statistics only 5% of Chinese citizens are holding passport and with no doubt there will be huge space to grow. A combination of China’s fast-emerging middle class, improved transport links and more favorable policies make China the biggest travel market for outbound tourism.

By catching up this great opportunity, HotelsPro opened its Shanghai office to extend its global market share. With its presence in Shanghai, better service and efficient support will be given to the travel agencies across the Greater China Region”, said Jinyan Li, HotelsPro’s Regional Director of Asia-Pacific and China.

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