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How Can Airlines Treat Pets Better On Planes?

How Can Airlines Treat Pets Better On Planes?

When traveling abroad there are a number of things you must consider, including the documentation you need to prepare, the best time to book your flight and whether or not you’ll be brining your beloved pet along with you. Having a European health insurance card is just as essential as carrying out the right procedures in order to ensure that your fluffy companion is safe to travel. Whilst airlines have dramatically improved the way they treat pets, there are still numerous factors that must be taken into consideration, and we’re taking a look at exactly how airlines can treat pets better on planes.

Caring For Pets

As much as all pet lovers would love to be able to travel with their pet in the cargo hold, it isn’t always possible. This is due to the animal exceeding the maximum requirements to do so, meaning that a large majority of pet owners are forced to put their furry friend in the cargo hold. With several horror stories surrounding pets travelling on airlines, this can be a worry for many. Despite this, airlines strive to do everything possible to ensure that your animal is as comfortable as possible, regardless of the distance. Something as simple as having pets of all breeds, shapes and sizes placed evenly in the cardo hold with a blanket covering them can make flying in the cargo hold a little less daunting for your loving pets. However, if airlines allowed pets to have toys in their cages to keep them company, it would make the pet feel more at ease during the flight.

Size Of Pet

In some cases, travelling with a pet is unavoidable, and thus the airline should be made aware and accommodate accordingly. This could be done by asking the passenger to pay a small fee in order to have their animal travel in the cabin or by asking the passenger to purchase a seat with more leg room in order to accommodate the space for the pet without posing a risk to others.

 Ensuring Cargo Is Handled correctly

Ensuring that the cargo is handled effectively is not only in the interest of the airline but also in the interest of the passenger whose pets are flying within the cargo hold. By extending the research into to the animals and the care that they need it will dramatically reduce the amount of animal related deaths on airlines. By making airlines log every animal that gets onto the plane and the amount that leave the flight and adding this to the required log information, this will ensure that airlines are held accountable for any and all animals that do not make it from the flight

Each of the aforementioned reasons clearly identify ways airlines can target the growing problem of pet deaths during overseas flights. By taking these factors on board, airlines will be able to ensure that each pet remains safe and content throughout the duration of their flight, whether it is to Spain, France or Italy.


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