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Hungry? Pull on up through the drive-through on water!

Hungry? Pull on up through the drive-through on water!

It’s a first of its kind – a sustainable drive-through on the water. And where else would one find such an innovation? Why, Dubai, of course!

Enter the Aqua Pod – a sustainable floating drive-through. This innovative floating kitchen lets sea-goers satisfy their hunger by simply pulling up to enjoy food and drinks as they would from a traditional food truck. The Aqua Pod boasts a revolutionary architectural design with pioneering sustainability features, matching the Dubai government’s focus on green initiatives.

As for ordering and delivery, there is a self-serve method for people that can get close to the craft, as in a drive through. For those further ashore, there is a system in place whereby the customer waves a red flag and the waiter can go and assist.

Customers are delightfully catered for as the culinary marine serves up a creative burgers menu, set to rival the city’s juiciest joints.