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Hurricane Lane is starting to fall apart!

Hurricane Lane is starting to fall apart!

Satellite imagery from just a few minutes ago shows that thunderstorms to the south of the islands are pushing to the west and decoupling the bottom and top parts of Hurricane Lane.

The wind shear is taking the top off and pushing it northward as the bottom part is moving southward. Wind shear is when there are two different directions in which the clouds are moving – each in opposite directions – and at two different levels.

What does this mean? That the storm is rapidly falling apart!

This is the update the Aloha State has been waiting for. It means that potentially Lane will finally make that westerly turn.

With this current projection, winds will become less of a threat, although moisture is still there, so it can still bring heavy rain tonight and tomorrow.

The trade winds should then soon begin to return, moving in over the island chain from an easterly direction.