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Ibiza International Nightlife Congress: Avoiding sexual assault and sexist behavior

The 4th International Nightlife Congress, to be held this year in Ibiza, introduces as a novelty a conference on measures and protocols to adopt to prevent sexual assaults and sexist behaviors.

The Congress will also deal with issues such as security, noise pollution, drunken tourism, and the importance of nightlife quality for a tourist destination.

Luxury speakers such as the Director of Affiliated Members of the United Nations World Tourism Organization, Yolanda Perdomo, former President of the New York Nightlife Association, Paul Seres, President of the Italian and European Nightlife Association , Maurizio Pasca or the President of the American Nightlife Association, Juan Carlos Díaz, will be speakers at this important international event of the nightlife sector that will be held in Ibiza on October 9th and 10th, and will cover all those subjects or aspects that are linked to nightlife, with the aim of improving the image of a sector that many times is unfairly harmed by practices contrary to the interests of the sector itself and with which nothing has to do.

Also, as the main novelty of this year’s edition, we will discuss the issue of how sexual assault can be prevented in nightlife spaces as well as sexist behavior, such as using the image of women as a way to attract clients. It is possible to say that, from SPAIN NIGHTLIFE, our association member in Spain, we have been working for years in both tasks and in this sense we have worked with the Barcelona City Council in the campaign against gender violence that Is named “NO MEANS NO”. Aslo we have included in the international nightlife safety seal that we are developing, the obligation to have a protocol to avoid sexual assault in nightlife spaces. Likewise, our association member SPAIN NIGHTLIFE has also sued practices that denigrate the image of women as the most recent case, that of the “Bailódromo Caña Dulce” nightclub in Barcelona that offered “free entrance and drink to girls who weren’t wearing panties” or as we also did in 2014 in the unpleasant case of the phenomenon known as “MAMADING” (oral sex in exchange for drinks) that took place in Magaluf (Mallorca) a practice that we also denounce as illegal, as well as demeaning for women.

From INTERNATIONAL NIGHTLIFE ASSOCIATION, as stated by our Chaiman to the president Mr. José Luis Benítez, “we have always defended a responsible and quality nightlife, respectful of people’s rights and sexual equality, within the framework of which we promote values such as professionalism, excellence and prestige of our sector, which is why we cannot allow this type of behavior to proliferate in our field of activity. Therefore, we are proud to be able to hold this congress in Ibiza and to deal with this problem head on, with the goal of eliminating it from the map of our sector “. In this conference on protocols and measures to prevent sexual assaults and sexist behavior, Judith Romero, Equality Director of the Insular Council of Ibiza, will participate, among others.

Other conferences that will take place in the framework of the International Congress will focus on the subject of security in nightlife spaces and will include, among others, Rafael Rodríguez, General Director of Bull Control Security, Joaquim Boadas, General Secretary of the International Nightlife Association, who will speak about the international nightlife safety seal, named “International Nightlife Safety Certified”. According to Joaquim Boadas, “This international distinction aims to be very useful for tourists who travel from one country to another since, before starting their journey, they can know If the nightclub meets the minimum international safety requirements and if they are licensed – as the guide only includes licensed premises – and, based on this, they decide which club to go to, which they can do so by only consulting the International Nightlife Guide in which the International Nightlife Association is working on and has posted on its website ( ”
In the conference on “How to Deal with Binge Drinking and Drugs” Andrés García, General Director of Emergency Staff and Jim Peters, President of the Responsible Hospitality Institute of North America, will provide ideas and solutions to put into action to minimize these behaviors that severely damage the nightlife sector’s image, even though, nightlife entrepreneurs have nothing to do with said behaviors.

Additionally, the conference on “The Importance of Nightlife Quality for a Tourist Destnation” will include the Director of Affiliated Members of the United Nations World Tourism Organization, Yolanda Perdona, the President of the International Nightlife Association, Abel Matutes, the President of the European Nightlife Association, Maurizio Pasca, and the Representative of the Berlin Club Commission, Lutz Leichsenring. The latter will talk about the importance of the musical offer for a city and the seal he has created to distinguish those cities or destinations.

Furthermore, the conference on “Nightlife and Noise Pollution” will include the Island’s Tourism Director of the Consell d’Eivissa, Vicent Torres, Former President of the New York Nightlife Association, Paul Seres and the General Director of Auditec, Ana Espinel. The latter will explain the international seal of acoustic quality called “International Nightlife Acoustic Quality” in which Ana Espinel, has advanced the following, “the seal consists in implementing a set of good practices in nightlife establishments to protect workers and users hearing, as well as the rest of the neighbors near the premises that implement it”.

Finally, the celebration of this Congress will be followed by the Gala of the Golden Moon Awards, the international nightlife awards, in the frame of which the list of The World’s 100 Best Clubs 2017 will be announced and entrepreneurs, governments and individuals who have excelled in nightlife during the year will also be rewarded.

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