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India-Japan tourism must be sorted out

India-Japan tourism must be sorted out

Today’s meeting between tourism officials from India and Japan was only the beginning of work to be done to promote tourism.

There is a great potential to boost tourism between India and China, but for this to happen, some things need to be sorted out.

This was the impression one got on October 24, when the first India-Japan Tourism meeting was held in New Delhi, India, where officials and operators spoke about the industry.

The head of Lotus Trans Travel, and a popular figure in tourism circles, Lajpat Rai, pointed out, the tour packages between the two countries must be made more attractive. He said that visa issues need to be addressed to make travel easier.


The question of a shortage of Japanese language guides in India and of a lack of awareness about India in Japan was also discussed.

At present, over 200,000 Japanese tourists come to India, and 80,000 Indians go to Japan.

But some operators doubted if all those coming to India were genuine tourists. Both Minister Mahesh Sharma and joint Secretary Suman Billa spoke of ancient ties between the two countries.

Also up for discussion was that golf, yoga, and spa packages to India could be promoted more, as well as the efficiency and discipline of Japan should be practiced in India. Some also disputed the impression that Japan was expensive.

Rajan Sehgal, a golf tour operator and Chairman of the Travel Agents Association, North India, suggested that trade meetings of Indian associations should be held in Japan. Ms. J. Suri, Chairperson of the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) Tourism Committee, said that the meeting today was only the beginning, and more will be done to promote tourism.

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