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India-Japan tourism ties set to grow

India-Japan tourism ties set to grow

India-Japan tourism ties are set to grow with the launch on January 12, 2017. This is the year for friendly exchanges between the two countries, explained Japan’s Ambassador, Kenji Hiramatsu, and India’s Railway Minister, Suresh Prabhu.

The Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) President, Ryoich Matsuyama, was also present at this meeting, and he listed four reasons why more Indians are expected to visit Japan – the diversity of the seasons, nature, culture, and cuisine.

JNTO is set to open an India office soon, and the Executive Director, Kenichi Takano, told this correspondent that he expects the office to be operational by March of this year. In preparation, he already has learned how to speak Hindi.

Amitabha Kant, CEO of the Niti Ayog (National Institution for Transforming India) think tank, said that Japan was an experiential destination, and more visitors from India going there will also help inculcate discipline in them.

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