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India Tourism appeals for travel industry budget help

India Tourism appeals for travel industry budget help

Kapil Goswamy, CEO and Managing Director of, has appealed for steps in the coming Indian budget to help the travel industry., launched in 2015 is one of India’s most comprehensive and user friendly travel portals, aiming to be a one-stop shop, or rather a travel super market for anyone wishing to travel within or from India. As an online travel company, is a relative newcomer, but in terms of industry pedigree, it is perhaps second to none in the travel and tourism industry.

Goswamy wants the recent tax on holiday packages to be rolled back. Another suggestion is to improve the liquidity situation, which was impacted by demonetization.

The tax structure should be improved so that people have more cash for travel and tourism. Goswamy has also suggested that more investment be made in road infrastructure so that travel by road is encouraged.

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