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India Tourism: Security of women passengers needs to be addressed

India Tourism: Security of women passengers needs to be addressed

Mrs. Meenakshi Sharma, India’s additional director of general tourism, has asked the Indian Association of Tour Operators (IATO) and other stakeholders to come up with solutions to the issues facing the industry as far as security and the safety of women passengers is concerned.

She told the convention in Vizag that this issue is important and involves other agencies apart from the Ministry of Tourism. States and the police, for example, she said, need to be consulted and involved in this area, which has been the cause of much talk in recent years because of a few cases of misbehavior.

Roni Jorof, from Israel, said there was no problem with the groups and individuals who she brought to India. Similarly, Kaynat Kazi, a frequent traveler, said in her travels even to remote places, she had no problems.

E. M. Najeeb, Senior Vice President of IATO, felt that to achieve the target of 20 million by 2020, the government and the private sector must cooperate, as is happening in his home State of Kerala.

Arjun Sharma of Select Group, said that new markets need to be developed and low-hanging fruits such as Buddhist traffic must be given more attention. Infrastructure should be improved as well.

Mrs. Bhuma Akila Priya, Tourism Minister of the host State, Andhra Pradesh, listed the steps taken to boost arrivals.

Kerala leadership said they were ready after the floods to work on boosting tourism and that new products are being introduced, such as adventure tours and the spice route.