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India’s Kashmir Valley tourism may take a steep dive

India’s Kashmir Valley tourism may take a steep dive

Tourism to the famed Kashmir Valley in India may take a drastic cut this winter because of various factors.

Normally, honeymooners and other tourists rush to snow-capped areas in Kashmir during this time of the year, but this year, a steep dip is feared because of the November 8 demonetization which made Rs1000 and Rs 500 notes illegal overnight, sending many people – local and visitors – looking for relief, which was not easily coming.

Earlier, there was unrest in the valley when many were injured when security forces fired pellets on people.

Travel agents estimate that the arrivals may drop from 200,000 to about 50,000 this winter season, leading to idle shikara boats and horse rides as well as vacant house boats and hotel rooms.

Some diplomats in Delhi have also feared that tourism will take a hit because of issues of the money change after the new rules.

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