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International Creole Day – 28th October

International Creole Day – 28th October

Sunday the 28th October saw the World of Creoles celebrate their International Creole Day. From the Indian Ocean Vanilla Islands to the Caribbean and even to New Orleans in Louisiana USA and Cabo Verde it is all proud Creoles who has the right to celebrate their identity and culture.

A question on this historic Creole Day is “Where does the International Creole Day come from?” An article posted by ARCHIPEL MEDIA on SEPTEMBER 30, 2017 October 28th: INTERNATIONAL CREOLE DAY «BANNZIL KREYOL» says it all.

In 1979, an international conference of Creole studies bringing together linguists from around the world took place in Seychelles. Subsequently, in 1981, scientists whose mother tongue was Creole began to ask questions about methods that could promote the Creole language, after a symposium organized by the International Committee of Creole Studies, where the theme of reflection was: “Creole, creoles, continuity and creativity in the Creole world. ” On October 28, 1981, at the third conference, at the Old Port in Saint Lucia, the Creole speakers decided to join together to create a movement that took the name of: BANNZIL KREYOL. And it was decided to hold October 28 because this date had previously been retained by the Dominicans to celebrate a “Creole Day”. In 1982 the Seychelles government organized a Creole week, the same year the movement BANNZIL KREYOL wrote its founding texts in a quarterly bulletin. October 28, 1983 was the first day of BANNZIL KREYOL.

The first “International Creole Day” was celebrated in 1983, in a rather haphazard way. However, from year to year, the implementation of this day has improved and is, in some countries, the occasion of quite significant and interesting events. Since then, the day of October 28 is celebrated in all the countries of the Creole world. Many countries today are celebrating this day for a week, highlighting the highlight of the day on October 28th.

Seychelles is currently in the middle of its Festival Kreol 2018, a celebration that sits annually on the island’s calendar of National Events. Last Saturday it staged its Laserenad (Festival Parade) in Victoria, an event that continues to be the highlight of the Festival.

Next on the calendar of Creole Festivals are the ones of Mauritius, Rodrigues and Reunion

Pictures from the Laserenade in Victoria Seychelles

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