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Iris Festival in Brussels had 110,000 visitors

Iris Festival in Brussels had 110,000 visitors

First published on eTurboNews:

In Brussels, the Iris Festival brought out nearly 110,000 visitors this weekend!

This weekend, despite the cold, lots of visitors came to celebrate the Iris Festival and the 28th anniversary of the Brussels-Capital Region. Electro Night and the “We are Belgium!” musical project enlivened the Place des Palais. Brussels associations and street artists also took part in the festival by cheering up the Parc de Bruxelles with their activities.

It was a great opportunity for Brussels residents to share their characteristic joie de vivre and good spirits. Once again the Iris Festival spread a party atmosphere throughout the capital. The Place des Palais concerts were once again the must-see events of this weekend. The electro night’s (Saturday evening) DJs and the “We are Belgium” project’s artists and choirs (Sunday evening) set the Place des Palais on fire. A host of diverse activities also kept things hopping in the Parc de Bruxelles. Fromstreet theatre to interactive games and dance demonstrations, there was plenty to see for visitors of all ages.

The Parliament once again opened its doors to the public during the day on Sunday. A whole bunch of activities were on offer for visitors such as an Improv contest, a “circus” workshop, and a Swing Festival. This year Europe even joined in the fun with Europe Day. Throughout the weekend, Iris Nights invited revellers to immerse in Brussels’ nightlife with different parties scattered around the Region. Finally, the Iris Festival in the Communesdrew curiosity-seekers by introducing them to a thousand and one hidden stories from the four communes featured this year (MolenbeekSaint-Jean, Anderlecht, Saint-Gilles, and Forest).

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