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Israel’s world-leading environmental innovation to be exposed at inaugural CSR conference

Israel’s world-leading environmental innovation to be exposed at inaugural CSR conference

The first-ever Israeli CSR Experience Conference, taking place November 30 – December 1, will expose Israel’s world-renowned social and environmental innovation and the strides it continues to make in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). From the world’s most environmentally recycled paper to water shortage solutions, sustainable healthcare, energy conservation and the green construction and infrastructure of the future, Israel continues to lead the way in sustainable innovation, living up to its status as the world’s top innovator in the field of clean technologies by the Global Cleantech 100 Index.

The two-day event, organized by Israel’s CSR standards-setting organization, Maala, will gather leaders from Israel’s business community and key international opinion formers in the sustainability and CSR community to address Israel’s surge onto the international CSR stage, its current standing and infrastructure, and the challenges the country still faces ahead. A plethora of speakers and experts including the likes of Gilad Erdan, Israel’s Minister of Strategic Affairs & Public Diplomacy and representatives from Intel, 3M, Strauss Group and Bank Hapoalim will head an all-day conference in Tel Aviv on November 30, while a second day will feature on-site visits to see Israel’s cutting-edge sustainability in action.

Companies leading the way in sustainability and innovation within their respective fields will be on display, including Hadera Paper, the world’s most recycled & environment-friendly paper, Netafim, drip and micro-irrigation pioneers and Mekorot, the country’s top agency for water management. These companies and more will be recognized at the conference for their extraordinary vision and innovation in addressing some of the country’s most pressing issues. Acclaim, investment and partnerships continue to pour into Israel from around the world for best practices and guidance on environmental technologies.

“Israel’s surge within environmental innovation stemmed from a need; a need for a solution to drinking water shortages or agricultural solutions in the Negev desert,” said Momo Mahadav, Maala CEO. “It is out of this necessity to innovate that Israel has pioneered its way to the forefront of environmental sustainability and we are excited to showcase this at the Israeli CSR Experience and look for ways to expand and continue growing this effort.”

Despite Israel’s new culture of corporate responsibility, 98 companies now voluntarily participate in the annual Maala CSR Index, an assessment tool Benchmarking Israeli Companies on their corporate social responsibility Performance. This includes well-known companies like Teva, Unilever Israel, Strauss Group, Siemens Israel, Microsoft Israel, Intel Israel, El Al and Live Person. These 75 large companies and 23 small to mid-size companies together comprise 310,000 employees, and annual sales of $94 billion, representing approximately one-third of Israel’s GDP.

Over the past decade, Israel’s business community has increasingly focused its philanthropic attention on social and community-based issues such as youth, education, health and welfare issues, in addition to the country’s widening economic gap and environmental issues such as waste, water resources and air quality. The conference will cover a wide range of topics including Israeli contribution to sustainable growth, diversity and inclusion in the Israeli workplace, the role of CSR in Israel’s gas and oil industry and using innovation to build sustainability.

“Israeli CSR activity continues to grow rapidly, with the number of Israeli companies committed to and understanding the need of create social value, steadily increasing. For a country with such a small population like Israel to grow their CSR activity like it has is truly commendable, and we trust it is only the beginning as more business, international and domestic, continues to launch in Israel,” said Mahadav. “There is something inherent about the Israeli DNA that drives these companies to commit.”

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