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Italian Federation of Travel Agents and Tourism goes international

Italian Federation of Travel Agents and Tourism goes international

The president of the Italian Federation of Travel Agents and Tourism (FIAVET), Ivana Jelinic, rose to the forefront of success in Italy for her diligent management of the Federation to which over 10,000 Travel agents in Italy are associated.

The merits attributed to the FIAVET president consist of having brought the brand to the international level. One year after her election as the guide of the important association, Ivana Jelinic of Croatian origin has done a job of great reordering and importance concerning travel contracts, an important element to make customers responsible for the purchase of travel packages.

The scheme was shared with other associations, subsequently ratified, and subjected to the approval of the Consumer Union.

This was followed by the complicated system regarding the new law on electronic invoicing, the resumption of relations with foreign interlocutors, and restarted international missions starting with Croatia, Turkey, and being closed with Senegal and Lebanon.

Joining Fiavet Italia means making use of multiple benefits including a concrete defense of one’s legal and tax interests provided by consultants specialized in the specific sector and making use of research concerning the motivations of the traveler. Another important point of Jelinic’s work concerns the NewGen ISS, and the fortnightly BSP.

NewGen Iss is a program launched by IATA to deliver faster, safer, and more cost-effective financial settlement services and solutions to travel agencies that rely on IATA Settlement Systems (ISS). This point bears a promise to be the customers’ heart of FIAVET operation.

It has been a difficult battle with IATA, which has always been unavailable (as governed by airlines) to review its decisions. In addition to actions against some airlines,  Ms. Jelinic  has been strong on cases of disputes and previous lawsuits.

The future activity of FIAVET involves a system conference, as well as a working hypothesis that can promote and encourage an internal dialogue within the category that presents various figures and various interests. A conference in Ankara, Turkey, in addition to active participation in the main tourism fairs of reference is in the works.

Finally, the planning of a series of training courses tailored to the real needs of travel agencies is on the table. Not the least of which are specific courses on the needs of travel agencies and promotion of company training.