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Italian Tour Operators Association Elects New President

Italian Tour Operators Association Elects New President

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The Italian Tour Operators Association (ASTOI) has elected a new defender of the rights of its associated members. An assembly held in Rome at the Pininfarina Hall of Confindustria elected by acclamation Pier Ezhaya as President of ASTOI Confindustria Viaggi and of the ASTOI Fund for the Protection of Travelers for the 2020-2022 term.

The President as per the Articles of Association appointed
Andrea Mele as Deputy Vice President, while the assembly elected Marco Peci as
Vice President.

“I take up this position with a great sense of
conscious responsibility that brings with it the honor of representing such a
prestigious and important association but also the burden of defending it in
the most difficult moment that tourism is going through,” said Pier Ezhaya. “The
uncertainty about the recovery and the unknowns we face are challenging, but
this sector has shown an extraordinary capacity to react and in the most
difficult moments has always been able to emerge from the crisis with courage
and determination.”

Ezhaya declared that the beginning of his mandate will be
characterized by a strong relationship with political institutions.

“Our Association has fought hard to obtain funds to support
the sector, and what the government has achieved to date is something, but unfortunately
it is not enough; no sub-fund can survive such a long period of zero turnover.
It is, therefore, essential to continue to have the support from the
institutions,” said Ezahya.

Important discussions with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
aimed at studying ways of progressive and gradual recovery to restart travel in
safety and with the necessary health safeguards are planned by Ezahya during
the coming weeks.

He also stated it essential to team up not only in the
Association but in the market and in particular in the supply chain. To have
greater protections, stable and strong relationships with institutions and the government,
the supply chain will have to be compact and overcome partisan schemes in favor
of the common good. Ezahya reiterated, “Our strong and unambiguous voice message
must be listened [to] with the attention it deserves.”

For the new President, it is also important to intensify
relations and discussions with the tourism associations of the various European
countries. Living in an increasingly enlarged market, confrontation with the States
of the Union is an essential objective aimed at making ASTOI visible and
connected on a European level.

“Despite the difficulties facing the sector, we must look to
the future with hope and trust strengthened by our unparalleled values, our
passion, and our spirit of self-denial. Finally, I feel the duty to thank the
outgoing President, Nardo Filippetti, for what he has been able to give to this
Association over the course of 3 mandates in which he has fought vigorously in
defense of our sector,” concluded Ezhaya.

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