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Italian Tourism: Basilicata discovers a new tourist flow

Italian Tourism: Basilicata discovers a new tourist flow

The FAI (Italian Environment Fund) has defined it as “an unusual place” because against all odds and without political and economic support it has been proposed as a place of the Heart.

Flanked by a massive campaign of buzz marketing and Viral Marketing has started to collect large tourist interests.

It is the “Sentiero delle Ripe e dei Mulini” of Muro Lucano, a natural place of historical, religious and cultural interest.

The path, used until the beginning of the 20th century due to the watermills on the path, has been gradually forgotten. In the 2000s a first recovery phase was started. Today it is accessible again and can be visited.

This place is linked to the patron saint of Basilicata, San Gerardo Maiella. Along the path that intertwines in the Borgo Pianello it is possible to visit the birth house of the Saint and get lost in the alleys that overlook the Ripe cliffs or visit the National Archaeological Museum. Murese is adopted by birth, but by birth it is Francesco Saverio Nitti who, at the beginning of the 20th century, allowed the construction of the “Ponte del Pianello” which overlooks the already mentioned Sentiero delle Ripita, a mammoth. Also in Nitti, the construction of the Muro Lucano hydroelectric basin (now abandoned) is due.

The popular legends want Hannibal to have passed through these places crossing the bridge “Paria”, a Romanesque bridge that connects the nearby village of Capodigiano, home of the Sanctuary of the Madonna delle Grazie.

To the brigand “Ciaglione”, known throughout the Platano Marble, the legends are dedicated to a fountain (called delle Ripe) after having defended a peasant from abuse by the Royal Army. The fountain called “Ripe” from which a fresh spring water gushes, still today cheers the visitor near the picnic area.

Here, I pass also the Regina Giovanna d’Angiò exiled in the Castle of Muro by the cousin Carlo di Durazzzo. Not to forget Salvatore Capezio, who left these places to arrive in the United States and found the largest company of dance shoes in the world (Capezio shoes).
Joseph Stella (Giuseppe Michele Stella), known as one of the greatest American Futurists, always brought with him the memory of his native country and of the others, also portraying them in some works.

It will also be a must for those who decide to spend the weekends in Muro Lucano. Even more, as cited “FOOD24” of “Il Sole 24 ore” on the occasion of the High Mountain Potato Festival of Muro Lucano which will take place from September 21st to 23rd and is listed among the “10 Italian festivals not to be missed in September”.

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