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Italy: Christmas is over, sell the presents!

Italy: Christmas is over, sell the presents!

While Italians have spent over €3 billion on Christmas gifts this year, many are willing to sell what they got from Santa and buy what they really need, says eBay research.

About three million people in Italy are ready to resell their gifts, which vary from tech gadgets to duplicates.

The trend rose by 14 percent this year, while in 2015 about half of Italians said they hadn’t received the presents they want.

This year, Italians who responded stated that they would sell their unwanted gifts to raise cash, while one in three would buy something new for themselves. Sixteen percent are ready to sell gifts to cover the cost of Christmas.

On average, each household in Italy spent €124 on gifts, or €3.1 billion overall, according to consumer group Federconsumatori.

Before the holiday, the organization predicted that Italians would spend about €42.3 billion on Christmas.

About 69 percent were expected to use products made in Italy for the Christmas meal and 27 percent to buy local or zero-kilometer produce.

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