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Italy’s Cinecittà World amusement park continues to grow

Italy’s Cinecittà World amusement park continues to grow

The amusement park named after the renown Cinecittà Film Studios presented its 2018 activity program which includes seven new attractions with a bill made of over 50 events, including the unpublished show “Motors … Ciak, Action!” and six themed areas: Cinecittà World, Ancient Rome, Spaceland, Far West, Adventure Land, and Sognolabio.

The opening of the park is scheduled for ten consecutive months, until January 6, 2019, with the gates opening at 11 am and closing at 6 pm. From June, the fun will be extended by one hour until 7 pm, while from August a further closing time extends up to 11 pm. In October and November, there are also special openings for Halloween, Christmas, and New Year.

The news was presented during a meeting in Rome, by the managing director Stefano Cigarini: “In 2017, the park doubled its turnover and visitor numbers (245,000, equal to plus 120% [from] 2016) – a sign of the growing appreciation towards the new format, which allows guests to live immersive experiences on the theme of cinema and TV.”

The park, in fact, hosts television productions and film shoots, which guests can attend to discover all the secrets and participate as protagonists even in front of the cameras. The season also includes one film preview every month, with some of the most important films of the year. In June, for example, a preview of the highly-anticipated “Jurassic World – The fourth episode of the Destroyed Kingdom,” is scheduled.

Among the new attractions, there is Cinetour-Emotions from the cinema, a journey through the set of the now historical blockbusters, “Jurassic War – The battle of the Dinosaurs,” which, thanks to a 4D simulator, takes the participants back 60 million years in the Jurassic forest as well as I-Fly, a Russian rollercoaster that uses virtual reality.

In September, Volarium-Il, the flying cinema – a dynamic simulator, rich in special effects – will allow visitors to fly suspended in the air at 10 meters above sea level over the Florence of Leonardo da Vinci. From June, one can dive into the new Cine-Pool to watch movies, games, and various shows in total relaxation.

With regard to the shows, the new 2018 “Motors … Ciak, Action!” is a show that gives life to pursuits, acrobatics, and scenes with cars, motorcycles, and monster trucks, inspired by great action films. Reconfirmed “Gangs of Musical,” the flagship show of the park, features live songs of the most famous films danced and sung, from Flashdance to Grease, to Cabaret, Chicago, Dirty Dancing, and Mamma Mia.