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ITB Berlin: New hall concept adapts to a changing market

ITB Berlin: New hall concept adapts to a changing market

ITB Berlin takes travel industry changes into account

By reorganizing the hall sections and reallocating hall space at the World’s Largest Travel Trade Show ITB Berlin (8 to 12 March 2017) has taken travel industry changes into account.

“In recent years there has been an increase in demand for more floor space and two-tier stands for certain markets which up to now we have been unable to satisfy. Several display halls already have waiting lists. By reorganizing the halls to suit the market we are now able to meet this demand“, commented David Ruetz, head of ITB Berlin.

The new hall concept makes it possible for the fast-growing markets of the Arab states to enlarge their displays.

There is now a better concentration of markets, which makes it easier for trade visitors to plan their visit.

The major tourism destinations in the Mediterranean, including France, Gibraltar, Greece, Portugal, Cyprus and Spain, as well as Serbia and Hungary, have relocated to the entrance areas in Halls 1.1 and 2.1, directly next the South Entrance.

The United Arab Emirates have moved to a new central location in Hall 2.2.

Egypt, Bahrain, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, and newcomer Saudi Arabia are in Hall 4.2 as of 2017.

Central America and the Caribbean are now directly next door in Hall 22, with South America in Hall 23.

Armenia, Bulgaria, Georgia and Poland had already moved to Hall 15.1 at ITB Berlin 2016, where they can be found again next year.

At ITB Berlin 2017 more than 10,000 exhibitors from over 180 countries are expected to be in the 26 halls on the Berlin Exhibition Grounds.

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