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ITB Berlin: Supporting Israeli Tourism Industry is Supporting Apartheid

ITB Berlin: Supporting Israeli Tourism Industry is Supporting Apartheid

Supporting the Israel tourism industry is supporting Israeli Apartheid. These is the messages visitors to the ITB Berlin international travel show are confronted when entering the venue at Messe Berlin today.

A German organization BDS organized this protest outside the ITB venue today. In flyers BDS says: ” The Israeli Government continues to break international law and brutally violates the right of the Palestinian people. At the ITB the Israeli Ministry of Tourism markets Israel as an attractive tourist destination. This is aimed at distracting the tourist industry from recognizing Israel’s colonial occupation and settlement policies. Affiliating your business with the Israeli Ministry of Tourism legitimizes Israel’s apartheid policies.

“We, therefore, urge you to consider your participation in enabling these inhuman policies by engaging with companies that are complicit in these violations of the law or supported by the Israeli Ministry of Tourism.

“The Palestinian call for Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) offers all people of conscience to act in solidarity with the victims of Israeli apartheid. With each passing day that Palestinians are imprisoned behind a 700 km separation wall, their lands and livelihoods are stolen by illegal settlements. Israel’s tourism industry props up this systematic oppression. Your cooperation with Israel directly assists in destroying the homes, lives, and dignity of the Palestinian people. It deprives them of their right to life and freedom.”

In mids, two people holding up an Israeli flag responded voicing their support of Israel.