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Japan and India Tourism working to boost travel

Japan and India Tourism working to boost travel

India and Japan are keen to promote travel between their two countries and expect to exceed targets set in recent months.

This message came out loud and clear at a Japan seminar in New Delhi, India, on January 30, where senior officials, diplomats, and agents spoke of the possibility to boost arrivals from each other’s country, especially because of the close old and new ties and affinity.

Kenko Sone, Minister in the Embassy of Japan, and Suman Billa, Joint Secretary of the Ministry of Tourism for the government of India, highlighted the need to reach this potential. Visits by top leadership have helped the sentiments, but it was felt that if the trade promotes travel more, airlines will further improve connectivity.

Vegetarian food and costs were no constraints, said the agents from Japan, who said that many more places than just the traditional ones should be included in travelers’ itineraries.

The special status of Japan in India is reflected in the fact that tourists from that country can come to India and get visa on arrival, while from other countries, they require an e visa.

Once should never be enough, and repeat visitors to Japan from India must be encouraged, was the point made.

The seminar was attended by many suppliers from Japan and agents from India, who are already promoting, or want to promote, Japan.

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