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Jerusalem and Tel Aviv become more accessible and convenient for tourists

Jerusalem and Tel Aviv become more accessible and convenient for tourists

Jerusalem and Tel Aviv are now offering more information to tourists than ever before with new information centers in each city.

The Jerusalem Development Authority (JDA) has launched a series of services to make the city more accessible and convenient for tourists, including a new city pass that offers a bus service from the airport to Jerusalem, free inner-city public transportation and discounts at the city’s attractions and museums. In addition, the JDA has placed colorful information trucks around the city that also offer cell phone recharging stations and refreshments.

JDA in cooperation with OTIPASS launched the – “Jerusalem City Pass” a ticket purchased before the arrival in Israel, makes landing in Israel easier and more welcoming. The pass is valid for a whole week and may be used to save the time spent on small payments and standing in lines, as well as offering discounts for main attractions in the city. Employees in uniform at the “Itraveljerusalem” stand will greet the tourists arriving in Israel at the airport. They will validate the ticket and supply any information required.

The “Jerusalem City Pass” includes a free bus service from the airport to Jerusalem. The attendants in the “Itraveljerusalem” stand direct the tourists interested in arriving in Jerusalem to a branded bus with free Wi-Fi that travels directly to Jerusalem, with no extra charge. Before arriving in the city, the travelers on the bus will be able to see the “Itraveljerusalem” webpage (available in six languages) and to receive updates on events in the city in the coming days. Furthermore, the inner-city public transportation, including buses and the light rail, will be available for a whole week with no surcharge for tourists who have purchased the “Jerusalem City Pass” in advance.

The Jerusalem Development Authority has stationed huge colorful trucks in the Jaffa gate and the “Machne Yehuda” food market. Visitors will be able to get information on tourist attractions, art, cultural events, the culinary scene and historical sites. The trucks will have free Wi-Fi, an option to recharge cell phones and have a cool and refreshing drink.

The Ministry of Tourism and the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality have also launched two new Tourist Information Centers in the Tel Aviv, with an information truck located on the Tel Aviv Promenade in front of the Frishman Beach and a pop-up information center operating on weekends inside the historic clock tower at the entrance of Jaffa.

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