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Kenya Airport Authority new CEO due to report: Finally!

Kenya Airport Authority new CEO due to report: Finally!

The end is in sight comes to mind when news broke that the new CEO of the Kenya Airport Authority (KAA), appointed in mid-2016, will finally take up his post in a couple of weeks’ time. The new CEO will be Mr. John Anderson from Norway.

The snake pit known as KAA, where only recently another top boss bit the dust when AG CEO Yatich Kangugo alongside AG General Manager William Simba and others were sent packing, will be in urgent need for a steady hand to bring the ship out of stormy waters and back on level keel.

Numerous sackings at the helm of the organization impacted greatly on the reputation of the Kenya Airports Authority and in fact doubts began to emerge on Andersen really taking up his job when his arrival delayed month by month.

The mess is attributed to the government in Nairobi for sitting on information that Andersen had apparently asked for time to wind down his present position and observe resignation period requirements, leaving KAA subject to continued speculation among aviation pundits.

Had government and board spoken up earlier about Mr. Andersen’s delayed arrival all would have been good. Treating it as a state secret only made a further mess of things and with pressure growing daily they finally owned up. What a mess, I don’t envy the man to step into that snake pit‘ said a regular aviation commentator from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport. 

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