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Kerala Tourism: Visit Kerala during monsoon season

Kerala Tourism: Visit Kerala during monsoon season

Kerala Tourism calls them monsoon tourists. It may be raining like a traveler has never experienced it before, but listen to Kerala’s tourism advertising campaigns.

Kerala Tourism has expanded the promotion activities by way of branding for tourists to visit Kerala during in taxis and shopping malls in in West Asian countries. In Singapore and Malaysia, promotional activities include promoting the culture, heritage and traditional cuisine of Kerala

It also mentions the authentic Ayurvedic treatments available in the state. This recognition becomes an add-on to the state’s tourism promotions. Kerala Tourism has recently kick-started ‘Come Out and Play’ campaign to attract travellers from across the world to the state during monsoon, said the department in a release.

Kerala had garnered Rs 8,392.11-crore as revenue from the 10,91,870 foreign tourists who visited Kerala last year. Over the past few years, Kerala had received around 70,000 of Saudi Arabian tourists during the monsoon.

P Bala Kiran, director of Kerala Tourism told a local newspaper, “The state offers the vacationers a chance to rediscover nature, rekindle relationships, and reconnect with life by indulging into various activities such as trekking, Ayurvedic massage, river rafting and more. Kerala Tourism has also been inviting travel enthusiasts to participate in #COMEOUTANDPLAY challenge.

“The state had hosted a total of 61,42,190 tourists during monsoon season i.e. June-October in 2017 which was an increase of 5,06,623 travellers compared to 56,35,567 tourists arrived during the monsoon season in 2016,” he stated in the press release.

Kerala also recently reached out to promote responsible tourism.


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